Introduction to Candour

The name ‘candour’ comes from the latin word ‘candor, candoris’and has several meanings. For example integrity, naturalness and sincerity. We believe these qualities are important in our approach of people and businesses.

Candour & Partners is an independent partnership specialized in mergers and acquisitions of middlesized companies. Usual transactions vary between € 2 to € 25 mln.

On top of this we invest through the Candour Investment Fund in small and middle sized companies. Our investment focus is directed to small, expanding and promising companies with a unique product, service or marketposition. And/or to companies who are broke but have a sound perspective on the longer term.

The partners have an extended network and knowledge and experience of the (investment) business.
Our mission is to provide added value for our clients. Usually we do this in achieving excellent transaction results, but sometimes we do advise our clients to skip an intended take over or acquisition.
The partners have all been in the position of most of our clients and know therefore their position and their considerations very well.

In 2007 Candour has established a representative office in Emmeloord with their associate and partner Atlantic Business Development This office is specialized in the development of projects in the agri-food chain.

Candour & Partners

The Netherlands
T 0031 527-612676