The Partners

Peter N. Blauw

Peter Blauw (1946) has over 30 years of experience in the agribusiness of which 8 years in the USA to develop a business as managing director in the manufacturing and marketing of agricultural machinery.

Via a management buy out he acquired in 1987 a company in dairy technology which he sold in 1998. Till September 2001 he has been a director of Prolion Holding NV, the buying company, to support and manage the integration processes and their marketing strategy.

Mr. Blauw knows from within the position of an owner of a medium sized business. He has extensive knowledge of and experience in the international agribusiness as well as with mergers & acquisitions.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from Nijenrode University.

Recent developments

At this very moment we are talking to several potential associés to join the group.

Other business partners:

Atlantic Business Partners

An organization specialized in emigration management of agribusiness operations from the European Community into the USA and the development of projects in the agri-food chain.